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Irrigation is our speciality

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U-Bends , Drops, Risers, Furrow Arms, Furrow Arm Extenders, Weights, Notched Weights, Boom Backs, Pivot Light Poles, Collector Rings, Brace Pipes, Clamps. 

  M/M, M/F, M/HB.  

Made In Texas

Located on the south end of the Ogallala , our parts are manufactured right here in Texas, USA.  We understand irrigation.  Our plant employs local craftsmen.  Each part is built to exacting tolerences to meet  our high  quality control standards.  

About Us

Family owned with seventy years of history in the irrigation industy.  Our specialists understand the complexities of all the pivot manufacturers.  We can help you determine the correct solution for your system and you will find we probably have it in stock and ready to ship.

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Pivot Parts America

Texas, USA

936 -788-1113