American-Made Center-Pivot U-Bend Replacement Parts

Pivot Parts America supplies the farming industry with a variety of vital products and parts, such as center-pivot u-bend replacement parts, that make farming with irrigation more profitable. Farming is a high-technology endeavor. Gone are the days when a farmer relied on one fertilizer setting, one hybrid seed, or flood irrigation.

Discover What Center-Pivot Irrigation Can Do

You can use center-pivot irrigation to increase your yield and lower your operating costs, like countless other farmers today. Use our parts to ensure constant H2O delivery systems that are proven to put more corn in the bin. A center-pivot system also protects our environment for future generations with efficient water usage.

Our replacement parts help maintain the topography versatility of your center-pivot systems, which aid in water delivery and reduce wind and water erosion. Remote telemetry and monitoring allow you to control your irrigation systems around the clock.

Center-pivot systems are also an excellent tool to apply chemical herbicides and fertilizers to the crop. With these factors, your water is used with precision, which reduces water waste and saves you money. 

Learn How Pivot Parts America Can Help

Pivot Parts America can help mechanize your irrigation systems. PPA’s u-bends, boom backs, circle stretchers, swan necks, center-pivot u-bend replacement parts, and straight drops help achieve the accuracy that the crop requires for optimum performance.

For example, nozzle position can increase or decrease evaporation. PPA furrow arms with hose barb connections can place the water at the optimum position for the plant for the ideal amount of evaporation.

PPA’s boom backs help prevent your pivot from being stuck in the mud. The boom applies the water trailing the main delivery pipe by approximately 14 feet. This allows the drive wheels to run in the dry. Booster pumps are available for groundwater applications as well as pumps to simply increase pressure to the system.

Contact Pivot Parts America for center-pivot u-bend and other replacement parts so that your irrigation system can run more efficiently. Call 936-788-1113 to place your order today.